I meet you at your level, with the music you want to play, and I tailor your lessons accordingly.

Individual lessons: 45 minutes, $30

Deana Gurney​

VOICE -- Beginners

Piano andVoice Lessons

You're in the right place.

PIANO -- All Levels

Want to feel comfortable singing the songs you love?

Think you can't sing, but you want to?

Want to reclaim the voice you shut down when you were a kid?

Played as a kid but haven't touched a keyboard in years?

Total beginner?

Have some skills and want to grow?


for Adult Students

All lessons are 45 minutes long, $30 each, and take place in my home in Portland, Maine.

B. Mus.Ed., M.M.

You're in the right place.

I help you find and develop your natural singing voice through basic vocal exercises and the songs you want to sing.

Individual lessons: 45 minutes, $30.

Intro Series: 4-lesson package introducing the fundamentals of                             singing posture, breath, body awareness, and                                     resonance, $120.