B. Mus.Ed., M.M.

Deana Gurney​

​Out beyond ideas of

​wrong-doing & right-doing

there is a field


I'll meet you there


We want to sing, to play, to make real music, and that requires a vulnerable heart. We want to be wide open, but part of us wants to hide. We all have our own stories, our childhood humiliations, our adult fears.

I remember, as a grad student, being so nervous before a lesson that I had to lie down on my floor and breathe. And I remember, just recently, going hoarse with adrenaline when unexpectedly invited to sing a solo part in a choral rehearsal. 

...And believe me, I remember a lot more, but I don't want to bore you with my own neuroses. Let's just say we're all in this together.

I honor all the courage it sometimes takes to show up and say yes to that openness, over and over, and over again.